Most Recent Trends in Phishing Sites in Texas

Trending phishing sites texas

Some phishing sites do more than collect information under false pretenses; they try to install malware or otherwise attack visitors. The links below go to the relevant PhishTask info pages rather than directly to the phishing sites in question.

We recommend not visiting phishing sites directly, and only viewing screenshots of the phishing pages on PhishTank’s website. If you do decide to visit a phishing site, please ensure your browser has effective security settings in place.

Two most popular phishing sites from the last week

Phishing Site Impersonating Organization More Information Other Facebook

Two most popular phishing sites from the last month

Phishing Site Impersonating Organization More Information Facebook Other

Antiphishing protection integrated into our Managed IT security service automatically blocks known phishing (website forgery/spoofing) web pages to prevent users from inadvertently disclosing private or confidential information to online fraudsters. In addition to website forgery, other types of Internet frauds may be suppressed such as:

  • purchase frauds,
  • get-rich-quick scams,
  • Internet marketing frauds,
  • click frauds, etc.

Instead of the malicious web page, a special warning page is displayed in the browser to inform the user that the requested web page is dangerous.

If a legitimate web page is incorrectly detected as phishing and blocked, you can add it to the whitelist to allow users to access it.

How to protect your company network from trending phishing sites?

One of the best methods to protect your company computers from any phishing web site or email is to use some proactive protection like our GOLD Managed Services .


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