Managed Email Services

Managed Email Services

Email is a critical communications tool – downtime means a loss of productivity, possible compliance and regulatory  issues related to data loss, and even lost revenues so minimizing this risk is an increasingly important part of a company’s messaging infrastructure and of its disaster prevention and recovery strategy.

There are a number of common email issues that might affect your business, such as:

  • Losing time and customers due to server downtime
  • Rising costs of trying to fix issues
  • Increased stress worrying about virus attacks
  • Unable to locate important emails
  • Server space being filled by junk emails
These issues can not only put a financial strain on your business, they can also take up valuable time to resolve. This time could be spent growing your business, keeping your customers happy and winning more sales.


Not only is your email system safe and secure, it is always running which means you’ll always be able to keep in touch with your customers.

Managed Email services consists of three separate services that can be combined to provide a total solution to these common issues, keeping your email safe, secure and always running.


Anti-Virus protection Cloud based system No email ever lost
Spam detection Keeps email working Easy to search
Allows genuine emails Less risk of data loss Frees up server space

You can either go for a complete solution consisting of all three services – archiving, continuity and security – or take a step at a time and build up your level of service.


Managed Email Services

Why is it effective?

  • Affordable per-user monthly pricing, with no start-up costs
  • No infrastructure to buy or maintain
  • Easy to set up and to use
  • Tailor made for small and medium size businesses
  • One tool which solves multiple issues

What can you expect from our managed email services?

Service What it does Benefits

Protects against threats from virus


Systems kept safe and secure


Blocks spam


More efficient working practices


Provides constant, automated security updates


No sleepless nights worrying about IT security


Uses a cloud based solution


Email keeps working


Protects against server downtime


Reduces risk of data loss


Integrates with Security to offer full protection to your email


Improves communication with your customers


Automates email retention


Easy to retrieve important emails


Offloads email infrastructure


Keeps an audit trail of old emails


Frees up server space


Offers a customized solution for your needs


Set up is quick and easy as there is no hardware or software to install.

All it takes is a quick phone call to our Managed Email team. They will discuss your requirements and then come and visit your offices to set things up. They can even do this remotely if you prefer.

Common issues with email?

Email is part of our daily life and an essential communication tool for business.

How would you manage without it? What if something went wrong?


Our pricing details

# Service Price Features
1 Managed Email Services


2 Managed Email Service – One year message retention


    • One Year Service (maximum message retention of one year)

MSP Email Services

Email Continuity

Customers can continue accessing, responding to, and sending email messages, even in the event of an on-premise mail server or network outage. The continuity feature is always available, easy to use, and it goes without saying that it’s extremely valuable in the event of a problem with the customer’s mail infrastructure.

Industry-leading virus protection

MAX Mail Protection provides a unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats, including zero-hour antivirus defence, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and traditional signature-based antivirus engines – together resulting in unmatched malware defence.


Inbound and outbound spam filtering

Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection improves productivity by blocking junk email, including emerging new spam variants. The service also prevents inappropriate messages from being sent from a customer’s network — protecting the company’s reputation, improving overall email deliverability, and alerting administrators as to the presence of any compromised systems.


Network defence

MAX Mail Protection prevents directory harvest attacks and email-based denial of service attacks by limiting and controlling inbound SMTP traffic, protecting your network and your mail server.


Intuitive web-based control panel

The customizable web-based control panel allows administrators or end-users to manage the service with a minimum of effort, while also providing users with access to queued messages in the event of an on-premise mail server failure.


Hosted individual junk mail quarantines

The service can retain detected spam messages in quarantine, outside of the company’s network. Users can access the quarantine at any time. Users can also receive, up to three times per day, a convenient, automatically emailed summary of detected spam messages with a link next to each message allowing the user to easily release any potential false positives from the quarantine.


Message logging and search

Administrators can easily determine the delivery status of an inbound or outbound message, via a message search tool that provides full delivery logs with detailed tracking information, including the specific response from the receiving mailserver.


Optional integrated archive

At any time, partners can easily enable the integrated, affordable, and easy-to-use Mail Archive service for one or more domains, to provide a complete solution for email security, continuity, and archive.



  • Immediate activation, with no hardware or software to download, install, or maintain.
  • Junk mail is blocked before it reaches the customer’s network – reducing risk, network bandwidth and load on the mail server
  • Built-in continuity allows customers to continue using email even when their mail server is down
  • Robust spam and virus detection technologies block even emerging “zero hour” threats
  • Delegated management capabilities and other self-service features allow administrators to save time compared to other email security solutions
  • Customers can use the service with any operating system or mail infrastructure including Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWise, Zimbra, qmail, postfix, sendmailand any other SMTP server.


# Service Price Features
1 Project Planning
2 Upgrades & Hardware
3 Email Archive Import Service
$5/GB  A minimum charge for 100 GB shall apply to each domain. Storage calculations are based on file sizes of original customer-provided uncompressed PST, EML or MBOX files

What should I do next?

If you feel that Managed Email would benefit your business, get in touch with us now.